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Femihag Makes Bread From Her Yeast Infection, Feminists Declare Her a “Hero…”

If a guy shits in a bowl to make brownies, is he a hero too?First off, you can already tell by her Twitter handle she’s a raging insufferable bitch but wait there’s more….

Familiar itch? Bitch, wash yo’ shit. Yeast infections aren’t supposed to be a daily occurrence…..I bet her crotch smells like the dumpster juice behind a walk in clinic on a hot muggy day.

But I digress, in what should be plot to one of my shitty horror films is instead applauded by the left as “feminism.” They in fact, I shit you not, thought it would be empowering to then feed that bread to unknowing family members as punishment over a festive holiday dinner…

This is Women’s Health by the way, which seems to have gone the way of Cosmo and Teen Vogue. Journalism is dead.

Patriot Prison

I got put in FB jail AGAIN, because I told a liberal troll to get the fuck of my page. I’m also being censored by Twitter because I said mean things about terrorists…I even got censored for my tweet about getting censored on Twitter. Social media is not a safe place (no pun intended) for patriots and conservatives anymore, hence I’m actually utilizing my blog. Hopefully it is the first of many (and perhaps some ad income too because capitalism!) This is a test run, let me know what you guys think….