Patriot Prison

I got put in FB jail AGAIN, because I told a liberal troll to get the fuck of my page. I’m also being censored by Twitter because I said mean things about terrorists…I even got censored for my tweet about getting censored on Twitter. Social media is not a safe place (no pun intended) for patriots and conservatives anymore, hence I’m actually utilizing my blog. Hopefully it is the first of many (and perhaps some ad income too because capitalism!) This is a test run, let me know what you guys think….


About Mindy Robinson

I'm an actress in LA, I also do conservative political commentary. I'm constantly under scrutiny and banned by Facebook so this site will be hosting my articles. For speaking engagements and appearance bookings please contact For a list of full credits please visit

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  1. Guess you’re in fb jail again, bastards. Came here to catch up. Would be very helpful if a Latest Blogs tab was at the top, imho. All in one place. Then, Older Blogs sub tab perhaps.

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