Daily Archives: November 10, 2017

Femihag Makes Bread From Her Yeast Infection, Feminists Declare Her a “Hero…”

If a guy shits in a bowl to make brownies, is he a hero too?First off, you can already tell by her Twitter handle she’s a raging insufferable bitch but wait there’s more….

Familiar itch? Bitch, wash yo’ shit. Yeast infections aren’t supposed to be a daily occurrence…..I bet her crotch smells like the dumpster juice behind a walk in clinic on a hot muggy day.

But I digress, in what should be plot to one of my shitty horror films is instead applauded by the left as “feminism.” They in fact, I shit you not, thought it would be empowering to then feed that bread to unknowing family members as punishment over a festive holiday dinner…

This is Women’s Health by the way, which seems to have gone the way of Cosmo and Teen Vogue. Journalism is dead.