Mindy Robinson grew up in a blue collar family in the working class city of Fall River, MA. The youngest of 4, she is the daughter of Jane Robinson, a teaching assistant and Bill Robinson, a forklift operator. Despite a lifetime history of exceptional academic accomplishments (Highest Honors from Kindergarten to college) she was often teased and bullied for being skinny with buck teeth in elementary school. She claims that “It forced me to develop a personality, a sense of humor, and a level of appreciative confidence that can only be achieved when you stop totally giving a fuck about what other people think.” She also added, “Fuck them, (the kids that picked on her) they probably work at Walmart now.”
Known for having what she calls “lady balls” a quick skim through her video interviews reveals a quick witted, charismatic “nerd” that plays against the overly sexualized roles she often plays.
Mindy got into the acting biz when while hanging out on set to do background for the first time and
she was offered a supporting role in “Mansion of Blood” with Gary Busey to replace another actress last minute. She said, “That was my first time ever even being on set. After that I just started auditioning and booking almost everything. I know it’s not supposed to happen like that. People always ask me how I continue to get so much work and the truth is I have hypomania, once you google it, it all makes sense.”
Indeed, the amount of projects Mindy has racked up in only 2 years seems staggering. When asked what her goal is she replied, “Just always looking for bigger and better projects is my goal, I’m not trying to win an Oscar, I just want to entertain.”


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