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Fan mail can be sent to:

Mindy Robinson /care of
Xtreme Couture Gym
4055 W. Sunset Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89118

  1. Happy belated birthday/valentine day.

  2. Happy Valentine Day. WM.

  3. Hi Mindy, I wanted to say Hi. I love you as a actress on my god …Gurl love that Hot pink hair. I have a story for you I’m in the U.S. Army and currently deployed in Afghanistan. I was in Kabul and we got hit and had to move from our temp location we came bck the next day and things had been taken by the bad guys in my sgt. Private room all my movies Pom-Pom kitty, bikini hirl, girls love gay guys and my autograph of you nd my 4 other sexy pi s…the bad guy took them. I know lay in my bed at night sad and lonely with nothing. ..only 11 more weeks. ……Thank You Kent Parsons P.O. Box 32131 Bellingham Wa. 98228

  4. I really wanna fuck you hard in bed

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