Welcome to the official website for Mindy Robinson!

A character actor with a specialty in comedic improv dialogue, this voluptuous blonde has appeared in almost everything in the past three years both big and small.

She’s been in over 150 television shows, movies and music videos…horror films like (VHS/2, The Haunting of Whaley House) comedies (Casting Couch, Alpha House) action movies (Bounty Killer, Stretch) dramas (Abstraction, The American Gandhi) crazy viral videos like My Roommate the Porn Star which has over 6 million views, music videos (LMFAO, Kaptn, Fall Out Boy) TV shows (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, CSI: Las Vegas, Tosh.O, Days of Our Lives) she’s modeled for dozens of romance novel covers, internationally for LMFAO’s Party Rock Clothing, La Freak Clothing, Red Lips Clothing, numerous movie posters, and more.

Aside from scripted television her improv skills lead to appearances on over 30 network reality shows, like Take Me Out with George Lopez, Millionaire Matchmaker, Fangasm with Stan Lee, Celebridate, Tough Love, and her biggest known for…as the reoccurring Japanime figure Pom Pom Kitty on TBS’s hit prime time show “King of the Nerds” (which will be airing it’s new season starting January 23!)

A credited actress before becoming a reality TV star, Mindy Robinson is one of the few actors to successfully balance both, using her comedic acting skills to spice up reality TV, and her reality fan base to promote her movies. She has quickly become one of the most go to actresses for independent movies with a staggering amount of projects on her imdb in various stages of development, post production and distribution.

Mindy has also become a regular on Full Moon’s fullmoonstreaming.com hosting their newest grind house compilation Babes Behind Bars, narrating commercials and special editions, and also makes appearances in Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong and Killjoy Goes to Hell.

Her newest film projects include a starring role in A Blood Story, and supporting roles in Betting on Baker with Jake the Snake Roberts, Road Hard starring Adam Carolla, The Last Supper starring Eddie Griffin and Josh Meyers, and Live Nude Girls starring David Foley and Andy Dick.

Please check out her Mystery Science Theater-meets-horror films show “Veronique Von Venom” airing nationally on Prime TV for Roku!

Plus check out the full desktop version as well for trailers, articles and interviews featuring her by clicking on your mobile device below!

She currently has several new movies out on Netflix and VOD… “Alpha House” “The Coed and the Zombie Stoner” “Live Nude Girls” and “Stretch”

Be on the look out for the release of her two newest comedies “Chicks Dig Gay Guys” with Eric Roberts due out on VOD and the “Last Supper” with Eddie Griffin in selected AMC theaters soon!

Twitter, Instagram and Vine

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/iheartmindypage

For a full list of credits and appearances visit http://www.imdb.me/mindyrobinson

Fan mail and anything you want signed (please include a return envelope with postage to send it back) can be sent to

Mindy Robinson /care of
Xtreme Couture Gym
4055 W. Sunset Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89118

For bookings and appearances the contact email is iheartmindy@yahoo.com


  1. Guyspeed named me #18 on their list of The Hottest Women of 2013!!!


  2. Since meeting you at last years Comic Con, my daughter and I always enjoy seeing you on TV. We can’t make CC this year, but wish you the best of luck there…errr should I say, break a leg there. :-)

  3. Mindy you are a hilarious in person and on screen. I love being your fan! You are great! :D

  4. Homer Patino III

    I really enjoy following you on FB and watching how your career is progressing!

    Rock on!

  5. It was cool meeting you at Sapphire Pool on August 9th,which was my birthday. I will have to watch out for you sexy!!!!!!!!

  6. Happy birthday Mindy!! May all your dreams come true my friend.

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